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Monday, June 2, 2003, 9:57:42 PM, you wrote:

> 1. I see pictures of other SGI crimsons and the plug coming out of the back is your regular plug.

  in general plugs aren't a real problem. The connector on the back
  is just connected to the actual PSU by a "normal" wire. In theory
  you coud patch yourself any connector you want.
> 2. I look at the few marketing specs I can find and they are the same regular old plug (nema 5)

  So far I've seen 2 connectors.

  In typical european versions I get a connector looking like that
  (system configured for 230V):

    | I   I |
     \  I  /

  On a system I've got from the USA (configured for 115V) it's a 3
  pronged large round connector that is seen on a lot of 19" rackmount
> 3. Mine is 220V! With a big plug! why? what does this mean?

  Voltage shouldn't be a problem. As far as I know all 4D/Crimson PSUs
  can be configured for either 115V or 230V. Silicon Graphics chose
  not to make a switch for that available on the back of the system.
  The PSU itself should provide some means to "jumper" it for one or
  the other voltage. They might be hard to remove, but at least the
  PowerOne PSU has some documentation printed on it (unfortunately on
  a side hidden by the Crimson chassis).

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