[rescue] It really sucks ....

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Mon Jun 2 13:57:26 CDT 2003

>>> It's a HP NetServer Storage System/6.  Without the HP-specific disk 
>>> trays.
>>> The trays sell for outrageous prices, and without them, an empty 
>>> chassis
>>> -- redundant power supplies and all -- seems to sell for about $5.
D3349B trays are used on almost all the Netservers.  Just buy a few old 
drives (smallest were about 2GB for the hot swap trays).  You could 
even buy broken disks on the cheap.  D3349B's are quite common, but I 
can't find a price in Partsurfer for them so I'm not sure what we could 
get them from HP for.  The non hot swap trays are $55 @ so I bet they 
aren't worth it at HP prices.

I wish I had extras.


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