[rescue] The other question...need Amiga advice!?!

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net
Mon Jun 2 08:22:44 CDT 2003

On Sat, May 31, 2003 at 01:22:02AM +0000, Peter Corlett wrote:

> Nope. They have a DB23 (that's right, not 25) connector that contains
> analogue RGB suitable for a SCART TV. They also have a video output on a
> phono socket that is in the local standard, i.e. PAL for the UK models.
> There is also an output suitable for plugging into a TV. Again, for the UK
> models, this is a UHF PAL-I signal (normally on C36 or thereabouts).
> For all intents and purposes, Amigas sold in Europe and Australia output PAL
> video, and those to the USA output NTSC. VGA output on the Amiga is
> basically a software hack, and only works with OS-legal programs.
> There is a small adaptor shipped with the A4000 that converts the DB23 video
> to HD15 suitable for plugging a VGA monitor into. It's no more than a bit of
> TTL though, and won't magically make the machine output VGA - this requires
> said software hack.
> Unless I'm mistaken (and I'm still too scared to look in the junkbox :), I
> believe I have about thirty of said DB23 connectors that are of absolutely
> no use to me at this time.
> > Wouldn't they work with a VGA monitor (possibly requiring a "flicker
> > fixer" thingy (which is a scan doubler no ?) ?
> It is possible to sample each PAL scanline, and output it twice at double
> the speed to produce a signal that VGA monitors will usually lock on to.
> These are not generally cheap devices. You might prefer a unit that is not
> specific to the Amiga, so you can adapt other video devices to display on
> VGA monitors.

Such devices are commonly sold for the Playstation and N64 for about $50
here.  I'm in the process of finding the parts to turn my PSX->VGA
adapter into a general video to VGA adapter.  I know it will work
because the PSX doesn't output anything but normal video signals.  I
would assume that similar devices exist for PAL->VGA.

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