An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at
Thu Jul 31 14:30:49 CDT 2003

>I have considered studying for several certs, but just don't have
>the proper mind-set for all the memorization b.s.  I'd much rather
>shell out the cash, spend a week in a cram lab setting, and immediately
>take the test.
>I don't know whether employers/other professionals take them seriously,
>but one of the good things about the SANS GIAC certifications is that
>you have to do a practical *and* the practical is scored partially on
>it's 'originality'--meaning to get a really high score, you need to
>know what came before and think of new and different approaches/

The SANS GIAC certs are the good oil. They're among the few certs that I actually acknowledge.

Attention all unemployed folks out there - you may be interested to know that SANS training conferences need volunteers to assist the instructors (more details at In exchange for a week's worth of light duties you get to sit in on the training and get a certification attempt for the track you're volunteering for. Considering that this is worth several $k, and the training is top notch, it is well worth it.

I helped out on the volunteer program twice for GIAC when I was living in Australia but I never followed through with the GIAC cert. Apparently writing an original paper stops a fairly substantial number of candidates (it certainly stopped me!!). However this obviously helps reinforce the value of the cert.



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