An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at
Thu Jul 31 14:18:35 CDT 2003

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, N.Miller wrote:

> Does Remedy start up a fake "windows registry" daemon under
> UNIX which doesn't die when you exit Clarify?

Rememdy does not support anything other than Windows, to my knowlege.

> Does it allow you to record macros (Clarify does not--it
> only allows you to *apply* a macro).

Not as an end-user.

> Does Remedy allow you to highlight multiple cases, making
> you think you can do an action to all cases at once, and
> then fail?

Remedy will silently perform the task on one (either the first, the
last, or one in the middle) and silently ignore the rest.

Also, double-clicking on anything never works.  It produces a "double
clicking it not permitted in this form" or somesuch.  Even if there's
only one button around, you have to highlight the item you want to work
with and -then- click the button.

Searching for tickets and assets has two modes:
  1) Exact match on everything
  2) Build your own damned SELECT query.  BTW, we're not going to give
     you a list of field names.

Oh, never mind that their "alerter" app only works on events that happen
while it's running.  So, if I log out to go to lunch, and a priority 1
ticket hits my queue while I'm out, the alerter won't tell me when I log
in.  So, if I don't log into the Remedy "desktop", the only thing the
alerter will tell me later is "Your supervisor has been alerted to your
violation of the 1-hour SLA on Priority 1 ticket #xxxxxxxxx".

> WTF?

Helldesk software sucks.  Ubiquitously.

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