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Thu Jul 31 12:53:36 CDT 2003

--- Kevin Loch <kloch at> wrote:
> It is essential when working with the phone company to have your
> story straight and rock solid before you call.  I remember
> the old days of trying to get a second phone line for a modem,
> you had to be careful not to tell them it was for a "modem"
> or "fax machine", because they would try to charge it as
> a business line, assuming that it was a home office.   The
> proper phrase when ordering was "second line for the kids".
> Anything else and you went down the business line road.

The "trick" was to get a line as a "teen line" - that was local calls
ONLY, no long distance, and was the lowest priced option at the time.
All the money in residential service is in second lines - they are
almost pure profit for the phone co., since the existing plant was
built to accomodate such uses - of course, when everyone in the
neighborhood wanted a second line, they existing plant typically didn't
suffice, and then the costs started to creep up (build up the copper


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