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Thu Jul 31 12:49:41 CDT 2003

--- Sandwich Maker <adh at> wrote:

> last spring when verizon was whining to the state about how expensive
> its copper loops were and why it needed an increase in the tarriff it
> charged alternate providers, an at&t exec pointed out they'd said in
> their own stockholders meeting that 'land line' service had a 40%
> profit margin...

I feel compelled to point out the difference in copper plant build-out
and residential phone service... The carriers are required to lease
their hardware facilities to competitors at pre-determined prices
(state PUC sets them, I believe)...

It would be as if I was able to "buy time" on Ford's assembly line to
build my own cars, and the DOT was able to set the price I pay...

The reason this is OK is because the phone company was once a monopoly,
and this is a concession to foster competition (addressing barriers to
market, etc.).


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