An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

Kevin Loch kloch at
Thu Jul 31 09:39:04 CDT 2003

Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
>  I might belive them, except
> DSLreports is full of stories about people getting VOISDN cheaply after
> many hours of trying to keep Verizon from giving them metered
> residential service instead.

It is essential when working with the phone company to have your
story straight and rock solid before you call.  I remember
the old days of trying to get a second phone line for a modem,
you had to be careful not to tell them it was for a "modem"
or "fax machine", because they would try to charge it as
a business line, assuming that it was a home office.   The
proper phrase when ordering was "second line for the kids".
Anything else and you went down the business line road.

Of course when calling service about the shiatty line
quality, you were careful to never mention "modem",
since "we don't support modems over 1200 baud",
but instead refer to a "fax machine" that won't
do 9600 baud.

There were other quirky phone company gotcha
keywords, but I fortunately have forgotten them.


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