An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

James Rice jrice54 at
Wed Jul 30 22:19:11 CDT 2003

I moved off ISDN to a cable modem last year.  ISDN in Texas is a local 
call, unlimited time.  I had two ISDN lines for three years.  One was my 
internet pipe, the other was routed to my office.  The only drawback was 
finding an ISP that was ISDN savvy in the local calling radius.  SBC 
charged $75 a month for the ISDN lines, but the only ISP that would link 
with ISDN charged $50 a month.  When Charter bought the local cable 
system and upgraded eveything to offer Pipeline at $40 a month, I 
couldn't afford not to switch.  I sold my old routers to a customer that 
needed to connect home and office.


>AFAIK, in Texas, on SBC, it's just like local POTS.  Unlimited local,
>> pay-per-LD.
>Hmm.  Really.
>Once again, Texas scores ......   (now if only someone there would 
>*hire* me.)


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