[rescue] Jeez!!! Are ethernet taps are a racket business?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Jul 30 20:15:47 CDT 2003

Depending on your network, many intelligent hubs can have a port set
for monitoring network traffic.  Sometimes the port is no longer good
for actuall communication, only sniffing...  and of course if you have
more network packets that can flow down that monitoring line, then some
will get dropped..... 

I believe many Cisco's can do this....

-- Curt

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>Date: 30 Jul 2003 16:50:06 -0700
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>Subject: [rescue] Jeez!!!  Are ethernet taps are a racket business?
>$1500 for a glorified 3 port hub?
>I just got an estimate on a 3 port 10/100 ethernet "tap".
>My goal is to passively analyze traffic from my WAN, LAN, DMZ/802.11
>segments to a homebrew NIDS.
>I guess I could three hubs in and use "read only" cables, but then I
>deal my LAN<-->DMZ effective bandwidth a blow.
>Anybody meditate on how to do this cheaper or even roll yer own?  Any
>hardware geeks ever cook something up on a breadboard or anything?
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