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Jonathan C. Patschke jp at
Wed Jul 30 13:36:14 CDT 2003

On 30 Jul 2003, Daniel de Young wrote:

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't both Catalyst and PIX bought from
> other companies?

Catalyst was bought from at least two different companies (Kalpana and
Grand Junction) and merged into a single product line which later had
IOS stapled on top.  PIX was also bought from another company.

> Looks like... buy and then "extend" and OS to look a little MORE like
> IOS than maybe it should.

Actually, starting anew like that takes the "old cruft" argumnent right
ouf from under them.  They had a chance to make them platforms for
cleaner IOS implementations, and they made it even worse.  But, I'm just
an armchair quarterback; I don't know what was going on in their heads.

> What's a real trip is working with their Layer 3 blades on a CAT.  Two
> OSs on the same device.  First time I did that, it was like getting my
> sea legs!

Yep!  IOS and CatOS! :)

> > And let's not even talk about the omission of the -telnet- command in
> > PIX's IOS-alike.
> Personally, I'm glad PIX doesn't have telnet.  Telnet should be going
> the way of the dodo just... about... now.

You'd have a very hard time using email or browsing the web without
the telnet protocol, which is why I'd want it on a PIX--to test
services and access, not to perform administration.

> Would have been nice if they
> did a better job integrating ssh into PIX though.  I see your point on
> those grounds, but running a firewall access password in plaintext over
> *any* network is not something that should be a "feature".

That's not what I meant.  I always use serial for firewalls.  That's why
I said telnet _command_, not telnet _daemon_.

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