An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

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It likely is HDSL.

All the T1s at the ISP I was a cofounder of and worked at for
three years (followed by three years working for the new owners)
was delivered either over copper HDSL, or (eventually) by fiber

I think the first T1 we had was delivered as two pair to our office...
Later units they actually had a small box on the wall with an HDSL
card in it.

-- Curt

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>>>   Many "real" T1s are delivered that way anyway.  I had one (an"real,
>>>official" T1) at my old house back in 1997 or so that was delivered
>>>that way.
>> I have never seen a t-1 delivered via anything but a hdsl line.  I once
>> asked a guy who worked for the telephone company about it, he said that he
>> had not installed a real t-1 since 1992.  Generally it easier for the phone
>> company to just bring in a dsl line.  From what he was telling me if you
>> ran a real t-1 you could only put one in 100 pair bundle without causing
>> problems.  He thought running t-1's over hdsl lines was a great thing.  I
>> guess it has really cut back on the amount of build-outs that they have to
>> do to provide t-1 service.
>The old T1 in the last building just arrived as 4 copper wires from the 
>demark just like the phone lines. Dunno what "format" that was, but 
>there was no internal electronics at all..
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