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>From: "Jonathan C. Patschke" <jp at>
>On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Devin L. Ganger wrote:
>> Hmm.  I've always detested IOS, really.  I love the idea of a command-line
>> configuration language for routers, but the way IOS does it is pretty much
>> a textbook example of what *not* to do, in my opinion.
>You need to see an Alcatel 7410 (previous known as the Assured Access
>X1000).  THAT was, by far, the fugliest CLI I've ever seen.  Imagine the
>worst bits of IOS (impossible to predict what -that- part of the CLI
>"tree" would call what you're trying to do) mixed with the worst bits of
>DCL (everything was either SET or DEFINE or CREATE with no seeming rhyme
>or reason).  Add to that, some of the commands would go into a
>full-screen curses-like environment.  It even had a built-in text editor
>that resembled no other editor I'd ever seen, except for maybe TECO.

The SET/DEFINE thing sounds a lot like the CLI in Lantronix stuff....
I don't like it... I feel like I'm using VMS :-)  (not that VMS is bad,
I just always felt it's way of doing things (set /this /that /more this /more
that /etc) was painfull.

>After using shit like that and 3com's various interfaces, IOS is a

I like IOS, but it is inconsistent... especially some of the IOS versions
for switches, which seem like they were something else, and had an IOS
like interface grafted on to them after the fact.... so concessions had
to be made about how to do various things to match up to whatever way
the software was originally doing things (sorry, no specific examples).

>> IOS is pretty good at what it does, but the command set and the CLI need
>> a complete overhaul from the ground up.
>Yeah, but then you'd make the glut of paper-CCNAs totally worthless.
>Oh, wait... :)

Well, not any CCNAs that got their cert more than a couple of years ago
or so... (as there were really hardly any questions that had anything to
do with Cisco commands.... it was all OSI model and network knowledge).

I've heard they have redone it and there is more Cisco router stuff in 
there now than general network stuff.... don't know if that is true
or not though.

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