An IP address to call my own...was Re: An ISP of their own (w as RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

P Nutton Paul.Nutton at
Wed Jul 30 05:51:43 CDT 2003

> Phil wrote:
> >So ...  how (and when) *did* you get your own allocated Class C?
> Originally I put in the request for it for a company I was working 
> for....we got 4 at the
> for each of 3 offices, and one which we thought we 
> might need for internal
> networking or PPP connections....but it ended up that we didn't need 
> it.  It was probably,oh, like 12 years ago.  I originally started
> using it for my home connection...had a direct line
> from my house to the local Cisco router...simple PPP, but really 
> tuned...was way before
> DSL and other stuff was would have had to be a 
> Frame or T1 connection for anything faster.
> Earl

So how much would a Class B be worth?

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