An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

James Rice jrice54 at
Tue Jul 29 21:45:41 CDT 2003

We (the company I work for) just contracted to SBC for a pair of T1's 
unlimited transfer bandwidth.  It's costing $1200 a month.  We got 2 
blocks of IP's, 32 addresses in each.  She also bought a Cisco 2600 
router but didn't pay for setup. I guess it's "learn IOS on the fly" 
time.  We write, sell and support  EMC modules that get tweaked all of 
the time, so keeping 3-4000 users updated all of the time is a bitch, so 
we are starting to do auto-updates via internet.  We had a pair of 
pretty fast DSL's but the load was choking them, so here come the T1's.  
We actually bought 3, but one is set up as a DS1 for 24 voice lines.  
It's being connected to a NBX100.


>Ah, I thought you meant the whole deal.
>It might just cost more here, it usually seems to.
>One guy I know runs co-location on Cox business services.  It's not
>cable, its a fiber connection.  I keep meaning to ask him how much it
>costs for his fractional or whole T1.


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