[rescue] Audio heads out there

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Tue Jul 29 10:20:34 CDT 2003

Not entirely off-topic, as the fellow has some computers...

I've been doing some "horse trading" with a local
guy here in the Bay Area who is liquidating what
looks to be an entire semi-pro studio set up.

I don't think he's much interested in shipping stuff
(I recommended LEM swap to him, and haven't seen him
post), but I'd be willing to act as broker for folks.

I have a substantial list of what he has to sell
if anyone is interested, drop me a note off-list
and I will forward it to you--or let me know if you
think I should just post it.  He seems to be quite
flexible in pricing (offered me substantially more
$$ in trade for something he wants from me), so
those of you interested in this kind of thing (and
better understand it than I do :-) may be able to
get some good deals.

I'm going to hook up with him today to hammer out
details in my swap with him.  I'll find out if he's
looking for anything specifically in trade other than
G3/G4 Powerbooks -- yes, plural. :-)


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