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Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Jul 28 16:21:33 CDT 2003

On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 05:02:46PM -0400, Earl D. Baugh Jr. wrote:
> Then I was with Megapath over Bell 
> South ADSL line.  They did a live cut over to my new house, with Covad IDSL 
> service. (that's until Bell South decides I really AM close enough to a CO 
> or remote terminal...it's right down the road...sigh!!)  Megapath has been 
> a great ISP (no I don't work for them or any of that...) with static IP's 
> and reasonable rates.  My experience with their engineers has been 
> great...they immediately understand that I know what I'm doing, and the 
> conversations go right the heart of the matter.

I second this.  The folks at Megapath know what they're doing, and they
stayed on PacBell's back for the entire three months that PacBell
stalled on provisioning our DSL line in Tracy, CA.  They even gave me
"non-customer" information such as circuit numbers and internal phone
contacts at Pacific Bell to let me keep after them myself.  (The PacBell
guy was really unhappy when he learned he'd just spent 20 minutes on the
phone discussing provisioning issues with the mere *customer*, who
*clearly* wasn't entitled to know dick about what was going on with his
own service, but I did finally manage to put a boot up PacBell's
collective corporate ass and get action out of them.)

> They also helped me deal with the "stupid" Covad installers...who came to 
> the new house "3 days early" (go figure) and reported back to Megapath that 
> there weren't pairs available for the ISDN line.  The Megapath tech guy 
> called me and told me that Covad reported this, and then broke out laughing 
> when I told him, "ah yeah, it's a brand new house, and the phone hasn't 
> been run yet....it's not suppose to for 2 days...."  They promptly 
> rescheduled for a day after the main line went in...

We had a vaguely similar (but unrelated) problem ... when the Megapath
guy showed up at the house the first time to connect the line, on the
day we closed on the house (i.e, at this point we legally OWNED the
house), the sellers (who hadn't got all their stuff out yet and were
renting back from us until they did), who had been NOTIFIED IN WRITING
IN ADVANCE that the installer would be coming on the date of closing to
install *OUR* DSL service, sent him away because *they* hadn't ordered

When we finally *did* get it installed, the Megapath guy did the
install, put the jack right where we asked him to in our wiring closet,
looked at all the machines, and said, "You'll be wanting the router
access password, I'm sure.  We're not supposed to give it to end users,
but I'm pretty sure you're not going to mess up the router.  It's
________, and you'll probably want this, and this..."

They also quite happily carried hidden-primary DNS for us slaved to my
nameservers, bumped up our netblock one bit for free, delegated reverse
IP for the netblock to us, etc, etc.

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