An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at
Mon Jul 28 16:06:03 CDT 2003

On Monday 28 July 2003 21:36, Mike F wrote:
> Earthlink outsources its DSL with Covad, although I think it actually
> ends up going through EL, so some things are a bit different. But as
> far as I can tell Covad doesn't filter anything - I get all kinds of
> SMB garbage hitting my firewall, so I put in an IPFilter rule to drop
> port 135-139 and 445 traffic without logging it. Of course, there's
> still plenty of Code Red, Nimda, etc. traffic...

Yeah, "Off course". I'm just waiting for AOL or another big isp to sue
Microsoft for all the lost TB's their insecure software causes.

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