[rescue] Re: An ISP of their own

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Mon Jul 28 16:02:46 CDT 2003

"Phillip Hale" wrote:

>it's true covad only supplies the telecom connection(what is it called tier2
>or 3)...the ISP has to do everything else(monitor the bandwidth,route the

Yes, this is true for a lot of Covad connections.  They use to provide ISP 
(and I think they might still in a few small markets) but after they went 
thru bankruptcy they went to more of a RBOC type set up.  I've had them for 
all of my IDSL connections.  Though, for my ADSL connection I had Bell 
South as the "line" provider.  I've had two ISP's in that period.  I had 
InternetConnect over Covad IDSL (til they went out of business, and sold 
their stuff to weasels who said they could route my class C, but then tried 
to get me on a single static IP...not!)  Then I was with Megapath over Bell 
South ADSL line.  They did a live cut over to my new house, with Covad IDSL 
service. (that's until Bell South decides I really AM close enough to a CO 
or remote terminal...it's right down the road...sigh!!)  Megapath has been 
a great ISP (no I don't work for them or any of that...) with static IP's 
and reasonable rates.  My experience with their engineers has been 
great...they immediately understand that I know what I'm doing, and the 
conversations go right the heart of the matter.  For example, the switch 
over, took like 10 min to get organized (most of that was them opening up 
the order for the new circuit at the new house....).  The re-routing of my 
class C took like 2 min.

They also helped me deal with the "stupid" Covad installers...who came to 
the new house "3 days early" (go figure) and reported back to Megapath that 
there weren't pairs available for the ISDN line.  The Megapath tech guy 
called me and told me that Covad reported this, and then broke out laughing 
when I told him, "ah yeah, it's a brand new house, and the phone hasn't 
been run yet....it's not suppose to for 2 days...."  They promptly 
rescheduled for a day after the main line went in...


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