[rescue] Re: Being jobless

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Jul 28 15:51:25 CDT 2003

On Monday 28 July 2003 18:47, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> I agree whole-heartedly, but I'm really starting to take offense at the
> recent "the world is an x86 running Linux" point of view.  If you submit
> a bug report about compiling it with a vendor's compiler, the first
> response is "Why don't you use GCC, instead?".  Well, gee, if I wanted a
> database that ran like ass, I'd use MySQL, thanks.

This kinda problem might become less frequent with gcc3, since it forces
developpers to be more strict following the ansi C standard - hence a bigger
chance you'll be able to compile your stuff with a vendor-supplied compiler.

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