[rescue] sparc 20 serial

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Mon Jul 28 13:15:49 CDT 2003

On 28 Jul 2003, Daniel de Young wrote:

> I've run across several newsgroup articles that claim that I can plug in
> a standard db25 -> db9 null modem (serial) cable between a sparc 20 and
> a PC.  So before I blow my precious 10 smacks on said cable, I thought
> I'd get the skinny from the list.

That's always worked for me.

> I thought I had to roll my own or something...

You only have to do that if you want to be able to use both ports.  Port
A's pins are in the regular spot, though, so a null-modem cable will
give you the console.

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