An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

Brian Dunbar Brian.Dunbar at
Mon Jul 28 13:08:57 CDT 2003

Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 [mailto:patrick at] on Monday, July
28, 2003 12:50 PM said;

Brian Dunbar said;
> > After looking through the literature, it's not as easy (hah) as setting
up a
> > BBS used to be - in order to cover the bandwidth/headache costs I'd need
> > around $800 (WAG) a month.  Assuming I just do dial-up and don't provide
> > tech support.

> Dialup is dying to dead.

> Suggestion: check how many houses you can see from the top of your
> house.  Consider offering high-speed wireless for those folks.  Buy a
> DSL and a cable modem connection for yourself, then NAT everybody and
> charge less.

Becoming a WISP is an idea, fer shure.  My new place is smack dab in the
middle of a small city, so it shouldn't be that (hah) hard.  Plus I get to
annoy my new neighbors with an antenna.  Bonus!

My assumption is that dialup, while dead or dying is still a viable service.
Not everyone has, or needs, broadband or wants to finagle with a wireless
setup. Not to mention folks in the sticks who have dialup access but never,
ever will see broadband unless it's on a satellite.

I wouldn't need a horde of users to support my broadband habit - 100-200
subscribers @ $7.50 a month would cover the bills nice and tidy.  Now, to
actually _FIND_ those guys here in Wisconsin ......


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