[rescue] Being jobless

Phillip Hale philliphale at cox.net
Mon Jul 28 11:50:12 CDT 2003

sorry for digressing, but i thought this string was to use this guys 20 CPU
PS:carinets web site is http://www.cari.net

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theres also the 900mhz alternative that does well with trees in the way ..
i.e. NO line of site link ..Antenna hangs on the wall INSIDE the house.
there called  waverider... there at www.waverider.com

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> On Mon, Jul 28, 2003 at 09:12:31AM -0700, Phillip Hale wrote:
> > put me in the group of jobless individuals also...anyway i worked at an
> > here in san diego CA. and they have very low COLO rates...CariNet-now
> > colosave- http://www.colosave.com ...but it doesn't matter how low you
> > hosting for($200.00/month), if your broke your broke, right?
> Actually, I've seen much lower prices than colosave's out here in the
> southeast.  I've been seriously considering this myself, if I could come
> up with enough starting business to cover costs.  I have this E3000
> sitting here doing nothing, that would sit quite nicely in a half
> cabinet, after all.
> The wireless-ISP idea for customers outside current broadband coverage
> has been something my wife and I have been thinking about, too, but we
> haven't yet come up with a good solution to the problem of getting
> wireless broadband coverage out to customers who may be quite widely
> separated.  I know of solutions using a satellite mini-dish that can get
> 802.11 out as far as ten miles, but those are pretty much point-to-point
> solutions.
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