An ISP of their own (was RE: [rescue] Being jobless)

Phillip Hale philliphale at
Mon Jul 28 11:44:08 CDT 2003

yes, as i said earlier i worked for carinet...i was
ghost company started by me and financed by carinet. together we put
together the idea of a virtual ISP and all the services that go along with
it(dialup,domain hosting,DSL,T1). you don't need any hardware!they supply
it, basically you are supplying the tech support and providing the sales and
they run the back-end of things. it really is a great concept for a salesman
type of person.i don't do it because the tech support to the laymen type
person is extraordinary, not to mention frustrating. example:try telling
someone who just unpacked their computer that the desktop you are referring
to isn't the one the computer is on but its what they see on their screen.
like i said its a great idea for the right person in the right area. i know
of customers who only signed up their family and close friends. they got
internet access for $6.00/month anywhere in the USA. just having these few
people signed up covered the cost carinet charged.its a good solution for a
group of individuals.

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> Why not start a little 1 machine ISP. Apart from creating the inital
> set, which YMMV the only other thing you'll need is a decent amount of
> bandwidth and transit (and IP allocation). With good luck you might make
> enough to pay for the electricity/bw and make a little on the side.

> Just my 2p.

Oddly enough it occured to me a few weeks ago that I've got most of the
equipment to run a small ISP (routers, CSU/DSU, switch, extra computing
hardware, even a VPN LanRover by gum), by next week we'll be in the new
house with a ton of extra room.

After looking through the literature, it's not as easy (hah) as setting up a
BBS used to be - in order to cover the bandwidth/headache costs I'd need
around $800 (WAG) a month.  Assuming I just do dial-up and don't provide
tech support.

Has anyone done this?


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