[rescue] Being jobless

Rob Fielding rob at dsvr.net
Mon Jul 28 11:11:08 CDT 2003

No plug but we partition linux servers using a chroot jail and hardlinked 
directory structure to create lots of virtual servers. I don't know what 
chroot jail exists on Solaris - you might even have real hardware partitioning 
available, but a 20 proc cpu system should easily be able to chew a couple of 
hundred little vs's all running shell/mysql/apache/php/perl other GNU etc. And 
if you do it right it might even be secure :) It might be even easier if you 
get 'jail' as in FreeBSD jail.

Why not start a little 1 machine ISP. Apart from creating the inital software 
set, which YMMV the only other thing you'll need is a decent amount of 
bandwidth and transit (and IP allocation). With good luck you might make 
enough to pay for the electricity/bw and make a little on the side.

Just my 2p.


mfree80286 at adelphia.net wrote:
> Simple fix; just don't mention that they're 85Mhz processors. Your average
> user will
> take "20 processor Sun S2000" at face value without knowing or caring, as
> long as it's
> responsive. The above-average user will already know that 85Mhz doesn't
> matter, it's
> still responsive.
> Some of the cheapest colo I found around here when I was looking ~ a year
> ago for a
> systems analysis class project was in chattanooga.... can't remember the
> exact
> company but it was pretty lonely, should be easy to google it.
> Mike Free
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> From: Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
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> On Monday 28 July 2003 11:25, Michael Schiller wrote:
>>With as many  of us on this list that are jobless, and approaching flat
>>broke, it's too bad we can't band together and start a company that can
>>be staffed by mostly telecommuters (as we're spread out quite a bit).
>>I wonder how much of a market there would be for web hosting, and/or
>>unix shell hosting on a 20 processor Sun SC2000? (I'm still trying to
>>figure out some way of making money with this machine, but as time goes
>>on I'm afraid that the fact that there are 20 CPUs in the machine isn't
>>going to matter to *normal* folks as much as the fact that they're only
>>running at 85mhz each.
> Hey, not a bad idea actually. You got knowledge, you got hardware [1],
> ambition, no money, no suits, it can work :-)
> [1] 85 MHz? I heard for databases it's better to have lots of processors
> then
> fast ones :) )
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