[rescue] ibook disassembly

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Sun Jul 27 14:07:43 CDT 2003

On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 11:04:43AM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Urk, be nice to your poor machine, don't get the Rat Shack thermal
> compound.  It's the same stuff that you see 'geeks' putting on their
> nose for sunscreen in 60s and 70s movies.  Really cheap crappy stuff.
> Get some of the 'luxury' stuff that PC Rice Boys use, it's got a much
> higher thermal conductivity, and it's a lot easier to put on the
> super-thin layer that you really need (all it has to do is make sure the
> seal between the aluminum sinc and the CPU is tight and air-free).

Seconded.  Arctic Silver is your friend.

Oh, and go to your local medical supply store and buy a bottle of
surgical alcohol (99% isopropyl alcohol).  It's great stuff for cleaning
off the old heatsink goo (etc) without worrying about accidental spills
harming anything.  You'll find a hundred uses for it; trust me on this.

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