[rescue] ibook disassembly

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Jul 25 21:07:21 CDT 2003

On Friday, July 25, 2003, at 04:30 PM, Mike Hebel wrote:

> Oh, and while you have it totally apart decide if you want to paint it 
> or have it painted by these guys:
> http://www.crazypaint.com/
> They quoted me $50 for the case of a PowerBook 540c that I'm sending 
> in some time soon.

I was thinking about this, but then I realized that the frosted
clear part of the bezel was rubbing against the aluminum reflector
behind it, and any paint on the inside would get scratched up,
making it look worse.  I think putting a die cut vinyl insert
in there would be better, but since I'm going to probably sell
it, that's more investment (time/money) than I want to make.

Those guys have some nice paint jobs.  Have you seen the Alien



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