[rescue] Solaris Parallel Port Programming

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Jul 25 13:28:41 CDT 2003

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. says, in response to my request for pointers to
parallel port programming ...

> Are you going to use the Solaris driver, or are you looking to
> control the port yourself at the driver level?  If so, looking
> at the driver source in Linux may prove usefull.

I dunno. What I'd _really_ like to do is have some simple routine that let
me set the various parallel port lines "high" or "low" from a shell script.
I don't know whether that would require "bare metal" programming or whether
I can use the driver.

> man pages on bpp have a listing of all the IOCTL stuff... as for
> using them... well... I've never done that :-)

I'll have a look.  I've never done that sort of thing, either, but I've made
a career out of doing things that haven't been done before....

I'd still love a pointer to some code I could just steal, though, if anyone
has one.


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