[rescue] SGI Indy + Indigo 2 upgrade parts + IRIX

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jul 25 13:18:00 CDT 2003

I have:

SGI Indy R4400SC175 processor
SGI Indy R4400SC200 processor
SGI Indy Boot ROM (latest, good through R5000-180)
SGI Indy Sony Power Supply
SGI Indy XZ video board set
SGI Indycam

SGI Indigo 2 R4400SC200 1ML2 processor
SGI Indigo 2 R4400SC200 2ML2 processor
SGI Indigo 2 R4000SC250 2ML2 processor
SGI Indigo 2 Boot ROM (latest R400SC, good through R4400SC250)
SGI Indigo 2 Audio Subcard
SGI Indigo 2 XZ (GR3-Elan) video board set
SGI Indigo 2 Power supply (impact and non impact)
SGI Indigo 2 midplane (impact and non impact)

SGI IRIX 6.5.2 (full OS, not just an overlay kit)
SGI IRIX 6.5.3 (full OS, not just an overlay kit)

SGI PS/2 Granite keyboard

If anyone has any interest in any of these things, contact me and
we'll work out a price (if you have a price in mine, e-mail me the
offer when you contact me, if you don't know what to offer, ask me,
and I'll quote a price).

If there are any specific Indy or Indigo 2 parts you are looking for
that are not listed above, please e-mail me, I may have it.

-- Curt

Curtis Wilbar
Hawk Mountain Networks
rescue at hawkmountain.net

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