[rescue] Divide and conquer

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Fri Jul 25 08:55:39 CDT 2003

Indeed, i have had this happen with many Macs in the past.  In fact, when i worked as a Mac field tech batt voltage was the first thing we checked on a seemingly dead Mac.


On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:55:15 -0400
Andrew Weiss <ajwdsp at cloud9.net> wrote:

> On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 12:39 PM, Peter Corlett wrote:
> YES... many old macs WILL NOT boot if the PRAM battery is dead or 
> missing.  It's like the NVRAM being missing or dead on a Sparcstation.  
> The Powermacs after the x5xx series contain OpenFirmware of course 
> which is very similar to Openboot... both are real firmware that have 
> Forth interpreters... (Openboot?)

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