[rescue] Solaris 2.4 Books

Mark T. Valites valites at geneseo.edu
Thu Jul 24 12:27:29 CDT 2003

I'm not sure if anyone would have any interest, but before I toss them, I
figure I'll check here... I have a bunch of solaris 2.4 books in my office
I'd like to get rid of.  For the price of shipping (or maybe a trade of
something...), you're welcome to whatever you'd like. If I don't hear from
anyone by the end of next week, they get recylced.

The titles I have are:

Programming Utilities Guide
Software Developer Kit Introduction
SPARC Asse,bly Language Reference Manual
x86 Assembly Language Reference Manual
OLIT QuickStart Programmer's Guide
OPEN LOOK to Mtofi GUI Transition Guide
XView Developer's Notes
ToolTalk User's Guide
OLIT Reference Giode
ToolTalk Reference Manual
Developer's Guide to Internationalization
Desktop Integration Guide
Application Packaging Developer's Guide
XIL Test Suite User's Guide
XIL Reference Manual
XIL Device Porting and Extensibility Guide
XIL Programmer's Guide
Solaris XGL Architecture Guide
Solaris XGL Device Pipeline Porting Guide
Solaris XGL Test Suite User's Guide
Solaris XGL Programmer's Guide
Solaris XGL Reference Manual


Mark T. Valites
Unix Systems Analyst
CIT - SUNY Geneseo
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