[rescue] Divide and conquer

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Thu Jul 24 09:24:31 CDT 2003

vance at neurotica.com wrote:

> But... but... CICS is *cool*!

CICS is very cool, and a very mature product. I was using in 1974, and it
was old then. 

> > VSAM, if you'll consider VSAM a database?) simply work differently from
> I don't know if I consider VSAM a database.  The case could be made,
> though.

VSAM is an access method. You don't use VSAM for a database, you use
VSAM to contain a database, and it does it well. You need a database
system of some sort on top of it for things like SQL, etc.

As for programing languages I prefer PL/I and BAL (assembly language)
a long time ago, I wrote an application in assembly language that used
shared memory to contain a small (3000-5000) entries. It consisted of
about 50,000 lines of BAL code running under CMS (search engine) and MVS
formating, loading. etc. I wrote it at average rate of 300 lines of tested
and debugged code.

Today I use C and PERL. My C and PERL code tends to look a lot like my
PL/I code and works like my assembler code (very well thank you, but
lots of data validation).

Some day when I'm rich, I'll have an IBM mainframe in my house. For me it's
like buying that '65 mustang for car nuts...............


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