[rescue] Thanks for the advice...

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Thu Jul 24 03:06:09 CDT 2003

Just wanted to thank everybody on the list who shared their favorite
surplus outlets.

This week I've cobbled together a group of items to make even the most
understanding wife have a total breakdown!

1. sparc 20 75MHz 64MB 4GB

2. sparc 20 75MHz 64MB 2GB

3. ultra 1 170MHz 256MB 2x4GB

4. ultra 2 2x200MHz 256MB 2x9GB creator 2

5. sbus qfe card

6. 256MB RAM

And last but not least... the total "where the hell are you going to put
that" masterpiece... my "number 7"...


Good thing we have a spare bedroom!

Seriously though...  thanks to everybody who shared!


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