[rescue] blind pig!

dave venable venabledavid at qwest.net
Thu Jul 24 01:00:52 CDT 2003

It is said "every now and then, even a blind pig finds an acorn"

Today I came across 7 RS6000 in 2 racks, with 4ea 8 disk arrays. The owner
says that if I help him inventory them, I can get a rack full cheap. They
are clean and complete.

My question to all is, Does a RS6000 boot to serial just like a Sun?  Should
I use 9600,8,N,1 in serial 1? He is taking me over to his storage unit where
he sez he has boxes of stuff and cards that came with them. I have lurked on
this list long enough to know about the RS600 keyboard requirements.

They have some funny cards in them, the outputs are 4 small oval connectors,
kind of a mini 68 pin scsi interface, only smaller than a dime. Does anyone
have any ideas about these?

Are these cool units?

Thanks for your help,


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