[rescue] SCSI problem.

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Wed Jul 23 15:03:38 CDT 2003

Folks, I have hit an issue as part of moving some data around, that I've 
not been able to dig
up much info on (the Google hits didn't give me any alternative to 
explore...nor did a search on
SunSolve...), and figured since that SCSI is the drive of choice here (Hi 
Dave) that perhaps
someone here has seen it and can give me some pointers.

I'm working on basically moving all the data I have on an internal drive (a 
IBM 9GB) in my SS10 to
an external drive (a Segate ST410800N).   I'm doing this to move the IBM 
drive to my SS10sx
as part of a rebuild of some of my servers (the old SS10 is going to be 
retired and sold).

So, I put the Segate in an external shoebox (which has the "BIG" SCSI 
know what they're called), after setting it to ID 1, and setting the spin 
up to be immediately
and for external terminator power.  I put on the active terminator, and 
hooked it up to the back of
the SS10, turned on the SS10, and did the boot -r.  Drive is seen just 
fine.  Run format, partition the drive,
format it, and then do newfs on the partitions.  Not a problem.   Then I 
try a ufsdump from
a couple of the old partitions (after unmounting them and mounting the new 
using the same mount points) to the new partitions. (I am doing a ufsdump - 
0fx | (cd <dir>; ufsrestore xf -)
basically the line from the man page on ufsrestore..)  Then I get these 
SCSI warnings:

Disconnected  tagged cmds (64) timeout for Target 1.0
SCSI transport failed: reason 'timeout'; retrying command

and after that I get:
SCSI transport failed: reason 'reset': retrying command

Now, I though, ok, drive is bad (I got 3 of them from an online place fairly
cheap a while ago...from a link someone here posted...)  So I try another 
Exact same scenario.   But it looks like the dump and restore (probably in the
first case as well...I didn't check in detail...) ran ok.  Just got a bunch 
of interruptions.

So, I'm puzzled.  The format and newfs goes thru without generating any
errors, but the dump and restore give me these warnings/errors.  Do I have
something broken here?   If so, what should I check?  Could it be the cable?
(It's one I have used for a while, on this box...though with my external CD 
and tape...
and haven't had any warnings/errors before...)  Do I have some jumper set 
I can say I'm a pretty basic SCSI user....I just plug them in and normally 
go...I'm not
all that familar with any "tricky" set ups....(I do have a SCSI scanner on 
one PC
and I was going to try one of these drives in that PC as my first foray 
into SCSI
drives on an Intel box...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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