[rescue] Redhat 6.2 dump/Redhat 8.0 restore

James james at jdfogg.com
Wed Jul 23 13:19:45 CDT 2003

> I've been burned by tape, too. There were two tapes made, each was
> "verified" by trying a restore under 6.2, which worked on both tapes.
> Each tape comes back with the same error. Two bad tapes isn't out of the
> question, but seems unlikely to me in this situation. But hey,
> who knows. If
> it wasn't semi-important, both would probably work fine <grin>
> Steve

I did read the entire original message but didn't catch that there were two
tapes with the same problem. Doesn't sound like tape but could it be
something in SCSI interface-land.

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