[rescue] Redhat 6.2 dump/Redhat 8.0 restore

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Wed Jul 23 10:28:55 CDT 2003

On 2003.07.23 06:07 Steve Hatle wrote:

> A box running RedHat 6.2 was recently rebuilt to RedHat 8.0 (Intel). A
> bunch of directories were tgz'd up and sent to another machine to be
> brought back after the rebuild. However, one won't restore with an
> "unexpected EOF" error on the untar.
What does "gzip -vt bla.tgz" say?

> A dump using 'dump' was made of the box before it was taken down. An
> interactive restore was tried against the tape just in case, and it
> was readable.
> Now that the box has been wiped and rebuild with RedHat 8, the same
> dump tape fails on restore with a 'Tape read error on first record'
> error.
Dump and restore (the ext2fs variants) are notoriously broken on Linsux.
Do not use them. Use tar on Linux with ext2 or use xfs and xfsdump. (xfs
on a LVM with snapshoot and freeze features is quite nice.)

I have a programm somwhere that creats tape image files. It detects the
proper tape block size automagicly. Maybe you can copy the tape files to
disk files and use restore on the disk files?

> What should I try next? If I have to, I can rip RH 6.2 on another box,
> but seems like this should work.
Try with a RH 6.2 machine and
\begin{Daemons Advocate}
use a proper Unix OS on your critical macines.
\end{Daemons Advocate}


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