[rescue] non-SUN disks in an enterprise

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Tue Jul 22 12:23:00 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 02:59 AM, Walter Belgers wrote:
> I have this Sun Ultra Enterprise which has 6 disks, three are real SUN
> disks and they automatically mount. The other three are Seagate's that
> do not identify themselves as being SUN which do not get mounted.
> probe-scsi sees them, as does prtconf -v. However, 'format' does not
> detect the disk.. Is this a Sun-measure to prevent non-Sun-labeled 
> disks
> being used? Can I get around it? (Or maybe I just don't know enough of
> Solaris 9..)

There is no issue with Suns not seeing non-Sun-labeled disks.

Since probe-scsi sees them, but format does not, either:

* the disk geometries are not in the /etc/format.dat
   file, or
* the disks do not have valid labels (but, if iirc, format
   complains about that), or
* the machine has not been rebooted with -r or had devfsadm
   run (e.g. the device files haven't been generated)

Most likely it's the last.  In Solaris, you used to run
drvconfig followed by disks/tape/etc. to generate the device
files without rebooting, but those are deprecated now.
Instead run devfsadm, which replaces all of those commands
(check the man page, it's short and sweet).

One nice thing about devfsadm is that you can run it with
the -C command to clean up non-existent device links.  Another
is that I've never had it fail to work--sometimes drvconfig
would not, and you'd have to reboot -r to get new disks

<off-topic>I accidently discovered yesterday that OS X Mail
honors my shell key bindings! :-) Who'd have thought?

I hope that helps with the disk issue...

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