[rescue] ultra 1 with weird errors

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Sun Jul 20 18:38:50 CDT 2003

I recall seeing that error when a friend tried to upgrade froma sparc 5 to an Ultra 1
by just moving the hard drive.  You might pop a CD Drive on and try booting off of it
to test.

Having said that, recently got an old U1 that the Prom is blown on, anybody have one
availabe, or whats the best place to get a replacement these days?


> Hello list,
> I have found a dutchman with an ultra 1 that he's willing to sell -
> unfortunately the machine gives an error on boot-up, in the openboot prom.
> "Fast Data Access MMU Miss"
> Now, I'm not familiar with this, but what does it mean and most importantly:
> is it repairable? What parts may need replacing?

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