[rescue] Somewhat OT: LDAP?

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sat Jul 19 12:39:26 CDT 2003

ab1244 at yahoo.com said:
> I'm getting to the point where my current method(brain) for
> remembering details about people like email and telephone number is
> not going to work much more due to the sheer number of details that I
> need to remember.

Grab a palmpilot.  They sync to LOTS of things, including several open 
source projects and are addictively effective as notebook/desktop 
ENHANCEMENTS, not replacements.

Palms use standards based formats for data storage, so open support is 

I would take a look at compgeeks.com, as they had cheapass Palm 3xe's (under 
$100).  If you like, you can then upgrade (migrating your data of course, 
and still using the pim of your choice) to an integrated palm phone.  I have 
a kyocera 6035, which is "last years's model", thus satisfying the rescue 
content requirement, but workee just fine.  Other options in this vein are 
handspring visors (check compgeeks) or current kyocera (formerly qualcom) 

Switching to a palm phone took me from bat-utility-belt land 
(palm+pager+other_pager+cell_phone) to one device, so there was really no 
decision to be made.  I will NEVER go back.

As far a the PIM on the pc, I use the gnome schtuff in evolution for the 
calendar and contacts, and it works OK for me.  There are other options 
(which sync with the palm).

Hope this helps.....


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