[rescue] SS10 / SS20 Memory and SS10 or SS20 Clone?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jul 18 15:39:48 CDT 2003

>From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
>On 2003.07.18 01:13 Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> SS20 memory is so cheap, there isn't any reason not to locate
>> a good deal on at least 32MB DIMMS if not 64MB DIMMS and load er' up.
>Well, I am in good old germany and the prices here are a bit
>But I will try to get at least a bunch of 16 MB DIMMs.

DIMMs don't weight much, so you woulnd't have to get them locally.
If you can find a good deal on them from a US vendor that will ship
international, it might be cheaper than locally.

>> Sounds like an SS20 clone that uses the Sun Microelectronics
>> SparcEngine 20 mainboard (which looks like an upgraded SS10 design
>> mainboard).
>Hmm. Can't find anything on sunsolve about the SparcEngine...

You won't.  Sun Microelectronics did not publicly publish information
on that board.... only with later boards did they start to make information
widely available.

I have a manual for an Aries Marixx SS which uses that board, so I have
the jumper information (although I seem to recall there is an inconsistency
in the manual on 40/50MHZ MBUS speed jumpering... quite aggravating).

>> It has the 50MHZ mbus speed (although I can't seem to
>> get mine to do it), and supports SS20 VSIMMS
>How can I determine if the MBUS is running at 40 MHz od 50 MHz? But with
>that 40 MHz oscillator near the MBUS controller it looks more like a

Well, supposadely the module-info command will report the mbus speed,
but either mine is not doing 50mhz or the module-info command in my
OBP version is not reporting accurate information.

In solaris I belive you can get this information (although you have to
hunt for it) in prtconf output I believe (I don't recall the options but
I think you need -v).

>BTW: What is the main difference from SS10 to SS20? Only MBUS and RAM

Mbus, RAM speed, SX video is there by default (i.e. no SS20SX) just add
the VSIMM, sca scsi (although still narrow) vs 50 pin scsi, built in
cdrom drive (with the later Aurora II Sun chassis they switched to a
full height drive rather than that third height design), and the addition
of standard audio jacks on the back rather than needing an external speaker

>> (I have 8MB VSIMMS if you want to get a VSIMM for
>> one or both of those systems, contact me off list).
>Shippment and payment across the big pond may be prohibitive. :-(

Shipment would not be expensive.... depends on the shipping option and
wether or not you want it insured.  Payment may be trickier, but I've
had good luck with international bidders using bidpay.com.  bidpay.com
sends me a US funds money order which you purchase with a credit card.
There is also paypal if you have a paypal account.

I just checked and I can ship one new in the box to Germany for $8.70.
(delivery time estimated at 4-7 days).

For insured shipment, $15.85 becomes the cost (because only Airmail
Parcel Post and Global Express can be insured, Airmail Letter Post and
Global Priority can not be insured).

If your interested in one of these, e-mail me off list, I will ship to

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