[rescue] VAX 6360

Corda Albert J DLVA CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Fri Jul 18 11:44:31 CDT 2003

Here are a couple of links to Vax 6000 stuff that might help:

Some folks that got a VAX6000 up and running (mentions something about power

Adapting a VAX6000 for single-phase power:

I have a 6630 sitting in front of my garage that I hope
to start playing with shortly, but first I need to make
some space for it... Sometimes I wonder if this
is a hobby or an addiction.  All of my friends are convinced
it is the latter...

acorda at 1bigred.com

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On 2003.07.17 23:31 vance at neurotica.com wrote:

> Does anyone know the power burn on one of these babes without disk?
I read somewhere on the net [1] some time ago that a somewhat striped
down config can be as low as 500 W. Perhaps more depending on CPUs, RAM,
controllers, ... but still below 1 kW.

[1] I think it was one of the several "How to convert a VAX 6000 from
three to single phase" sites.


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