[rescue] Sun E4000 systems - wow they're cheap

Shannon shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Jul 18 10:23:52 CDT 2003

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 01:13:03PM -0400, William Enestvedt wrote:

> > > Sun charges just on 28,500 USD to relicense this system...
> >
> > That's just insane.
> >
>    If you think that's insane, then you'd call me a liar if I told you what
> they want for a CPU/Memory board and two processors for my sad ol' E3000.
> *sigh*

I'm used to high prices for the hardware, but in the Sun shops of past
jobs, the OS licenses were nowhere near that high. I think even on our
largest systems we never paid much for the OS.

Sometimes the Sun reps just gave us an OS license even, though maybe
that was actually against the rules.

The local SGI rep gives away hardware all the time instead of shipping
it back to California for recycling.

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