[rescue] Anyone running Netscape 7 browser on their SPARCs?

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Tue Jul 15 16:40:05 CDT 2003


rescue at hawkmountain.net said:
> Don't get me wrong, I like LXes... small form factor, power
> consumption is good, etc... but they don't work well as
> workstations....

Unless you grab a dremel and hawg in a mini-itx mobo.....



I have found a politically correct use for old IPC/IPXen with no ram/hd and 
dead nvrams.  Stacked three high, then make EXCELLENT puppy enclosures.

FWIW, I have basset pups again, 4 males, 4 females, born last Tuesday in 
May.  Located in south central PA, open to interesting trade offers.....

NO, you cannot stuff a mini-itx board into a basset pup.....  no power 
supply hookup.


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