[rescue] Look who's a slashdot weenie!

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Tue Jul 15 16:16:30 CDT 2003

patrick at zill.net said:
> Same thing on the Mennonite side during teens and early twenties. They
> usually settle down once they get married though.

Yah... The Amish and Mennonites around here are notorious...

We used to have crowd of young nubile college women in the house across the 
street from where we used to live.  One crop took up with a bunch of the 
Mennonites, and that damn buggy would bring `em all home with the music 
blaring at all hours.  I swear the only one not stone drunk was the horse.

And these are the conservative ones.  The WILD ones buy cars and raise hell 
in open defiance.

They do settle down when they join the church, usually about the same time 
they get married.  But up till then, watch out.


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