[rescue] RE: Cheap U2's

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue Jul 15 16:57:44 CDT 2003

>On Mon, 14 Jul 2003 23:29:00 -0400, Patrick Giagnocavo  wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 07:54:02PM -0700, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> > --- Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com> wrote:
> > > On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 05:26 PM, Earl D. Baugh Jr. wrote:
> > > > They can be found for good deals, if you have your ears open...
> > > > For example, I just scored my first U2 for the house, a Dual 300Mhz
> > > > U2 with Creator, 512MB RAM and 4GB drive for $65.
> > >
> > >    Jeeeeeeeeeezus.
> > >
> > >    That's ridiculous.  Nice score!
> >
> > OUCH!
> >
> > This makes an Ultra 1 worth what, around $12?
>Would love to hear more about scoring U2's like this!
>Just got my first U2, pretty nice box; could probably use another one!

Well sometimes the "stupid suits" actually have their uses.  A company
I use to work for, and left when I told folks "I believe this is unethical" and
they simply replied "see you later" and left the room...,  decided to make
some changes in their product.   The huge real time web based system, which
I spent 4 months experimenting with (along with another guy) to find an 
that would have "reasonable performance" with all the data it needed to 
deal with,
they feel can be "replaced with Java Beans, JSP and some HTML" and of course
PeeCee hardware.  (it' can't.....that's what the experiments showed...sheesh)
So they decided to part with some of their old U2's.

(I had bought like 14 of them for the company like 3 years ago, and they cost
like $3K at the time).  I spoke with the Sys Admin there (who I'm still friends
with) and said "hey let me know what they want".  They needed a "comparison"
point for price, so I found an e-bay auction that was a U2 base with a single
processor (like a 167) that went for $45, without video and with a SS2.  The
Sys Admin said "thanks" and then went and got authorization for $65 for one
with video, since, hey the suits know know that PeeCee video cards are 
cheap 8-)
(BTW, the Admin I believe is getting one U2 too  8-) ).

So, there is something to be said for stupid people 8-)


p.s. I almost felt sorry for taking advantage....but figured that they'd 
probably written them off as depreciated, and that they were considering
just scrapping them....(I do need to ask if there are any others still sitting
there....I will rescue when avail, and share of course...one is fine for me,
along with the 3 SS10's and other various boxes around...)

p.s.s. Now, if they'd only decide to part with that E450...8-)

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