[rescue] Anyone running Netscape 7 browser on their SPARCs?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Jul 15 13:12:32 CDT 2003

I've run it (and do so still periodically) on a SS20 with 196M RAM
and originally an HS180, now a dual SM71.  Runs about the same speed
on the HS180 and dual SM71.

Other things are faster with the dual SM71 (compiles with make -j2 for
instance) than with the HS180.

-- Curt

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>Sandwich Maker wrote:
>> "Anyone ever run Mozilla on sun4c ?
>Hell, even on most sun4m's it's too slow to use regularly.
>Only on a HS150 does it become what I would call usable.
>Even Netscape 4.x was painful on a LX.  I have never
>found a machine that Netscape 3 runs on that it
>was slow on.  I wish AOL would release the source code
>for 3.x so It could be ported old slow machines
>and/or improved.
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