[rescue] UPS Recommendation

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Jul 15 09:08:25 CDT 2003

"From: Michael Dombrowski <ab1244 at yahoo.com>
"What are the preferred UPS manufactures around here? I
"have had horrible luck with the cheapo no-name vendors
"(the just got up and died), and mixed luck with APC
"(both of their "power strip + ups" designs failed on
"me but the simple Back-UPS has been going strong.). I
"need Solaris support either through native software or
"open source stuff. Powerwave looks nice to me,
"particularly their 5115 rackmount series, but I'm not
"yet sure on Solaris support or how good the company

i have a tripp-lite.  quite happy with it, but can't get the daemon to
realize that everything's fine; probably a cabling issue...
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