[rescue] sparc 10 crash - help needed

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Jul 14 12:51:20 CDT 2003

"From: Arthur Wouk <awouk at ra.nilenet.com>
"my sparc 10 crashed today. the main symptom is a lack of symptoms.
"i removed the keyboard and monitor, attached them to another sparcstation
"and it boots just fine.
"if i tip to the dead sparc 10, i connect but get no response when i
"power reset.

connect means nothing if it's set to ignore all handshaking signals.

"when i reattach the monitor and keyboard, and power on with stop-d
"keys held down, the leds on the keyboard go on and off two times, then
"everything halts with only the caps lock key illuminated. thus the
"POST does not run. the monitor's signal light keeps flashing - it is a
"GM 20D10. there is no signal to the monitor.
"is this a power supply failure, a boot prom failure or an nvram
"failure? any clues as to how to test? 

iirc, the pattern of leds -is- a self test, and the caps-lock key
means which stage failed.  one of the faqs at sunhelp must explain

i think that if it was a ps failure everything would stay dark.
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