[rescue] FW: [swap] FS : NeXTStation Hardware

James Denton buster at swt.edu
Sun Jul 13 09:47:01 CDT 2003

Thought someone might be interested in this.


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I know this is OT, but since NeXT is the child of Steve Jobs,
maybe a collector out there would like this units.

I have ..

1 x 17" b&w NeXT Monitor.
... monitor works great.  Takes about 2 minutes to come to full brightness.

2 x NeXTstation(s)
... one uses 30pin memory and has (as I recall) 20MB installed.
... It also has the original (120 or 170?) MB drive with NeXTStep installed.

... the other uses 72pin memory and has (as I recall) 48MB installed.
... I upgraded the drive in it to 1.08GB scsi drive and it works perfectly.

1 x NeXT monitor cable

1 x NeXT (Pre ADB) keyboard.

I would like all of these parts to go as one lot.
I'm really hoping for someone local to buy this stuff.
But if whomever wants it all isn't local, just remember
that monitors aren't light.

I'm hoping for $100 (canadian) for it all, but am open to offers.


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